Drink Shops: Espresso, Coffee, Smoothies, Tea

Why Convert From Legacy Punch Cards to a Web based Punch Card System?

Pros of legacy wallet punch cards:

  • They’re Simple to Launch
  • You only need wallet cards with your logo and design. Employees either punch or stamp the card when a customer purchases a drink.
  • They’re Cheap to Produce
  • Provide your favorite print shop with your logo and card design and have them printed in any quantity.
  • Punch Card Loyalty Programs Are Easy to Learn
  • Unlike more sophisticated digital rewards programs, punch card loyalty programs are easy to teach to your staff.

Cons of legacy wallet punch cards:

  • It's Easy to Create Counterfeit Punch Cards
  • Practically anyone has the capability to create counterfeit punch cards. This could be costly with free drinks being consumed.
  • Cheating With Punch Cards Is Easy
  • It's easy for someone to punch an extra hole or two in their card so they’ll get their free drink sooner rather than later.
  • No Method to Create and Store Valuable Data
  • Using a Web Based Loyalty program you can easily Collect, Store and Retrieve valuable data.

Benefits of using our web based Punch Card System!

  • Improve image of your business using our latest technolgies
  • By leveraging powerful, simple features of NetGCS you will appreciate the convenience for your businesses reward program and your customers will too.
  • Increase customer retention
  • Your customers will enjoy the convenience of having the ability to check their punch-points from any internet or mobile device.
    Your customers will conveniently present their virtual punch card with their mobile device. No more digging through their wallet trying to find their legacy punch card.
  • Collect, save and access valuable customer data
  • NetGCS customer punch point data, their name, email and phone will be accessible from your NetGCS administrator account.
    Customer data information is extremely valuable and powerful for marketing and business growth strategies.

Keep your customers Coming Back!