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Virtual Reward, Gift & Loyalty Cards

Connecting with Your Customers and Customers connecting with You

70,000 Card Holders and over 14 million Transactions (Since 2005)

NetGCS In Store

Use NetGCS on a Tablet or PC at your POS area. Leverage full benefits of gift and reward cards.

Home Or Office

Use NetGCS at your office or home. Conveniently check sales and print reports.

On The Go

Especially as a business owner. Access to Reports 24/7 on any device anywhere.

Mobile App

Your customers will enjoy the convenience of checking their card balances on their device.

Businesses - Easily and Conveniently Manage your customers card activity

Manage your customers loyalty points, gift card balance, cash balance and punch points all in one system and from any location.

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Business Owners / Retail Stores

  • Keep your customers coming back, start using a customized gift / reward card system for your business today!
  • Already have a gift card or gift certificate system, contact us now to see how our system might save you money.

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Custom Gift Cards - Customize gift cards for your business

Start Using Your Own Customized Plastic Gift Cards Today - Learn More

To order customized cards for your business contact us today |

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Sell eGift Cards Online - Integrate eGift Cards with your NETGCS Merchant account

Our dedicated Engineers will provide you with all necessary information and code samples required to help your Web Master Integrate eGift Cards into your company's web site.
We will provide technical support every step of the way to see that you are successful with the Integration.
If you're not feeling up to the task or don't have time we are happy to develop the integration for you.

To start selling eGift Cards to your customers from your company web site please contact us for more details. | | Sales: 206-590-1435

Card Holders - Conveniently Manage and Track your Virtual card activity

  • Check your card balances, reward points or punch card points.
  • Create custom gift cards for friends and family, (coming soon!)
  • Easily connect to NetGCS participating Merchants anytime anywhere.
  • Earn a $20 Gift Card - Learn more during registration.

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